Obama To America: I Am Not Accountable

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What seemed at first to be a major gaffe by Attorney General Eric Holder has since manifested itself as yet another flagrant pronouncement from the executive branch that it no longer considers itself answerable to the American people on any issue. Rather, it operates from a belief in its absolute moral and philosophical superiority, and asserts virtually unchecked power as a result.

On May 14, when appearing before a Congressional Committee, Representative Ted Poe (R.-TX) asked Holder if he had read the actual text of Arizona S.B. 1070, the enormously controversial “Immigration Bill.” Holder explained that he had not, but has been willing, both before and since his testimony, to ascribe racist motives to it and generally deride its scope and purpose.


The initial public amazement over the impression of Holder’s poorly planned
appearance on Capitol Hill exponentiated only a few days later when Homeland
Security Secretary Janet Napolitano made a similar profession. Yet both Napolitano and Holder have been extremely vocal in their criticism of the law. Although its text runs barely ten pages, they flatly state that they have no first hand knowledge of its contents.

In truth, their actions represent neither poor planning nor botched public appearances. Rather, they are purposefully telling the nation that they,
along with the entire Obama cabal, have no need to deal with the specifics of this issue. In essence, the law is bad because they say so, regardless of its contents. Such a stance reveals much more sinister undercurrents that constitute a burgeoning threat to the nation.

The incomprehensible arrogance of the American left, defined and empowered by its canon of “political correctness,” places it beyond any necessity to deal with the specifics of the Arizona law, or any inconvenient law for that matter. It is enough to simply categorize the law as incompatible with the Obama definition of what America is, or what he envisions that it should be. From that point forward, and on that basis alone, it is to be disparaged and condemned. The liberal point of view is simply superior, and no further discussion of the details on this, or any other issue, is necessary.

From the glaring contradictions between earlier and later professions Obama voiced at subsequent appearances during his campaign, to the string of grandiose promises that he made up on the stump but obviously never had any intention of fulfilling once in office, to the omnipresent cloak of darkness enshrouding his current executive operations, Barack Obama plainly considers himself to be above the rigors of normal scrutiny by which the American people have historically kept their leaders in check. The Constitution notwithstanding, his electoral majority in 2008 conferred on him unlimited power, and he daily exhibits his intention of exercising it in this manner.

This was the underlying message of Obama’s relentless installation of his cabal of “czars” to handle tasks that are traditionally consigned to a
presidential cabinet. Disdaining the entire Senate confirmation process (and undoubtedly knowing that many of his cohorts could never withstand even cursory examinations of their past associations and activities), he merely ignored the entire process and emplaced them where he wanted them, conferring immense powers on them despite having absolutely no constitutional authority to do so. And in service to this tactic, he brazenly touts them and their edicts to this day, giving no indication that the practice will abate.

Abhorrent as such activity is in the nation’s highest office, it is spreading like an infectious disease throughout the entirety of the liberal
governing monopoly on Capitol Hill. Thus, the “Healthcare” circus, by which the medical industry and eventually every conversation and transaction between private citizens and their doctors will be strangulated within the tentacles of the “nanny state,” was enacted into “law” through a series of legislative gymnastics that abominate the notion of “government of, by, and for the people.”

But of course Americans are protected from the unilateral imposition of these tyrannical tactics. In such cases aggrieved parties can resort to the
nation’s courts. Except that here also, Obama is emplacing an army of compliant minions who can be fully expected to hand down decisions
supportive of his agenda. The clouded and mystifying circus surrounding Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan represents more of the same.

Rather than allowing her confirmation process to be steered towards any real consideration of her regard for the constitutional authority undergirding any law that might come before the high court, such specifics are being deliberately kept under wraps.

Hence, the question of her “fitness” for office will never be allowed to rest on concerns over whether or not she will uphold the nation’s founding
charter. Rather, her conduct when appearing before the Senate, along with her worthy “credentials” (as assessed by the liberal political machine) will be touted as incontrovertible proof of a sterling legal pedigree. And who would dare oppose her confirmation after that?

It has become inescapably obvious that, in stark contrast to the great former presidents who regarded their position in office with awe and
deference, Obama believes himself to be the recipient of an opportunity to seize power and, through any means necessary, remake the country into his twisted leftist image. Like so many despots before him, he clearly intends to continue running roughshod over his opposition, and amass governing authority by every means available to him.

But the good news is that the his sinister strategy, dangerous and effective though it may be, is defenseless against a principled stand from an
energized opposition. The awakening of grassroots America, as evidenced by the phenomenal “Tea Party” movement, may well be his political undoing.

Christopher G. Adamo is a freelance writer who has been active in Wyoming politics for many years. Contact information, along with his archives, can be found at www.chrisadamo.com