Panos Prevedouros: We Should Engage our Community in a Thoughtful Discussion About the Cost Benefit of Various Types of Energy Including Nuclear, Solar, Wind and Renewable

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I’ve received some feedback recently in regards to my reference to nuclear power for Hawaii and would like to to clarify my position.

I agree with President Barrack Obama and Bill Gates that nuclear power will be a vital component of our energy future. I also agree with the Hawaii State Legislature, specifically House Bill 1, that we need a framework to study nuclear energy for possible application in Hawaii.


I am not advocating that we start building reactors offshore or onshore in the near future.

I believe we should engage our community in a thoughtful discussion about the cost benefit of various types of energy including nuclear, solar, wind, and renewable.

If, after a thoughtful analysis and public discussions of our options, the people make their voice clear that they do not want nuclear power regardless of its benefits, and as mayor will not insist on forcing my personal will upon the people.

We have enough projects in progress that the people do not want and I will not add to that list.

Panos Prevedouros PHD is a candidate for Honolulu mayor and an engineer. See more at